Sunshine Coast DJ Hire - FAQ


Do I need to pay a deposit? Yes, your booking is not secure unless a deposit has been paid.

What deposit do I need to pay? $200 non refundable deposit for all bookings.

Can I pay in full upfront? Yes you can, this is probably easier than paying a deposit & then a balance.

When do I need to pay in full? Balance of payment is required at least 14 days out from your event.

What if my booking is made within 14 days of my event? Payment is required in full at time of booking.

How do I make a booking? The easiest way is to complete our online booking form. Once completed you can then pay via paypal or bank deposit.

How do I pay for my event? Bank deposit is preferred method of payment or we also accept Pay Pal. Please remember when paying to include your booking number, surname & date of event.

What if I have trouble paying? Please contact before your payment is due not after. Failure to pay for booking by required date could unsecure your booking & allow us to book & secure another event.

DO YOU HAVE BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS? Yes we do & are available for you to read prior to booking (please see under booking tab). They are also emailed to you once a booking has been made. Booking terms & conditions are there to protect both us & the client & we recommend that you read them.

If I cancel my event will I get a refund? 
Depending on when you cancel. All cancellations outside of 14 days you forfeit your $200 deposit as a cancellation fee.
Within 14 days of event no refund is given & you still owe us the balance of the full amount as this creates a financial loss for our business as we are unable to rebook other customers due to your booking being secure. (no exceptions) Cancellation of booking is only accepted in writing via email & will not be accepted by telephone.

Why do you charge a cancellation fee? We need to charge a cancellation fee simply because other potential customers have been blocked from making a booking from the time that your booking was made which creates a loss for our business as your booking has been secured.
A DJ that does not charge an upfront payment or deposit or cancellation fee can cancel you at the last minute if they get a better offer. We can 100% Guarantee that your booking is secure & will not be cancelled at the last minute, so why take the risk?

Why do your prices seem high? Actually they are not. taking into account 2 hours set up & 1 hour pack down all free for you, travel, packing up at home and putting gear away, playlist preparation, expensive high quality LED lighting & DJ equipment, you are getting an awesome deal. Everyone who attends one of our events will see how professional we are & would say we are worth every dollar.

Ask yourself “what is a cheap DJ (bedroom DJ) going to really offer me & will he even turn up or will he cancel me out at the last minute for a better offer. A cheap DJ could be the most embarrasing expensive mistake you have ever made. Sadly we hear the horror stories of this happening far to often! Also will he be still in business if you book him six months in advance?

What if you are already booked out on the date I require? I will then provide you with up to 4 highly reccommended Local Sunshine Coast DJs that have a great reputation & who we have a great relationship with in referring work on to in providing outstanding service. I do not refer to DJs that want to scare potential customers not to book with anyone else or badmouth other DJs just to gain your business.

Do you have any hidden charges or undisclosed pricing? NO, we try and be as transparent as possible as everything is provided upfront on our website including booking terms & conditions. Just be aware of the free travel limits & also the meal to be provided to the DJ & or photo booth operator & you will be fine.


This is one area that sometimes you overlook & customers sadly want the cheapest price especially for a wedding & you end up with poor quality entertainment for your guests for the night.
Lets do the sums. On an average a 6 hour wedding DJ costs $775 (our price) for an average of 75 guests. that is $12 for each person for 6 hours of entertainment. that is $2 approx per hour for each person to be entertained. So much cheaper than a movie ticket.

Another example is a 5 hour 40th birthday birthday party will cost $675 for 60 guests. That also works out to $11 per person for a nights entertainment.

It is such a great deal for a nights entertainment that you could also hire our photo booth for just a few dollars more per person to make your event even more spectacular.

Why do I need a DJ? Why not save money and use an IPOD?  I have a saying especially for weddings. 
Using an IPOD for my wedding reception sounded like a great cost saving idea up until the night when I wish that I had booked a DJ.

Could you imagine guests debating over what song to play next, IPOD stopping starting mid song, silence & no dancing while you are trying to find a song, arguments, You plan your dance music but what if it does not work to the crowd? Unable to cater for popular simple requests. Only putting music on that just you like & not thinking about your guests of all age groups. No dance lighting to set the mood (yep they forget about the dance lighting until it is too late).
Think about it, What is the one thing that guests will remember in many years time about your wedding reception????
Answer: How much fun they had at your wedding reception. 
They will not remember what colour flowers you had on the table.
They will not remember what the expensive wedding cake was.
They will not remember what colour the chair coverings were.
They will not remember how pretty the invitations were.
They will not remember what they ate at the reception.

Some people will spend more money on chair coverings and invitations and then take a huge risk on using an IPOD to entertain all your guests. The entertainment is the differemce between an ok wedding reception and a great wedding reception. My aim as your DJ is to have all your guests go home thinking it is the best wedding reception that they have ever been to.


Do you have playlists? We can supply special wedding option playlists for special dances as well as advise on how best to select your music. We do not keep permanent printed playlists for all other music but we supply you links to websites for this.

Is there any types of music that you do NOT play? Yes there is, as we are a family friendly DJ so we do NOT play punk, grunge, techno, explicit language music, music that promotes violence or other similar types of music. If you are looking at wanting this type of music then we are not the DJ for you.

What type of DJ service music do you provide? We specialize in playing wedding, parties & business events, playing the music for everyone to enjoy from the latest hits to the classic songs from the 70’s & 80’s. We are NOT a nightclub or house/trance music DJ that mixes their tracks together.

Do I have options on what type of music? Yes you do, as you complete the booking form it will give you options on either (A) letting us choose all your music. (B) Having us choose your music but you nominate some must play songs for your event. (C) you choosing all or most of your music for your event.

I am having a wedding, can you play the special songs that I need for each special part of the reception? It is your special day, you can have whatever you like. For a wedding we have a list for pre-dinner music, special event list for you to fill out to include, bridal party entrance, cutting of the cake, Bride & groom dance, bride & groom departing. We also have a fun dance playlist & also an evening dance music playlist. All for you to have input to.

Do I need to alter the playlists, can I just trust your choices? Of course. Just let us know when making a booking the type music you want & favorite artists or songs & we will do the rest.

When do I need to have my music chosen for my event?
 All selected music must be returned to us at least 10 days before your event. Minimum 14 days is preferred.

Can I supply you music on the day/night that I have for some special songs that you do not have? Yes you can as long as it is on an origional CD only (not copied to a blank disc) or on a USB stick in a MP3 format only.

How loud do you play your music? We Play at around  85 to 95 Decibels for dance music which falls with most venue legal requirements. We play at about 70 Decibels for background / dinner music to make it comfortable for all guests. We do have our own decibel meter to do random checks during the event. For private house parties in respect to your neighbours we will also keep it at an acceptable level as the DJ controls the sound level not the client or guests.

Is your smoke machine safe? Yes it is, even for asthmatics. It is not actually smoke, It is totally water soluable and is a mixture of glyercine & water to give a smoke effect only. Smoke machine is conditional on approval from your venue if allowed.

Do I need to provide the DJ & assistant (if there is one) a meal on the night? Generally yes & required for ALL evening bookings regardless of time & all day time bookings 4 hours or more. Your DJ cannot leave the venue for a meal break & is there for 2 hours before hand setting up & also last to leave for the night, this makes a full days/nights work. This is also fairly standard in the entertainment industry as ususlly everyone deserves a meal break in everyjob. It is also a show of goodwill & your DJ will appreciate it in return. A fed DJ is usually a happy DJ 🙂 Please discuss further if this is an issue or you have concerns so other meal arrangements can be made. Also generally caterers can offer discount rates for mobile staff working at your event or in some cases provide free meals if prior arrangements are made.

TEENAGE PARTIES. Please call us first before booking any teenage parties. We need to ensure that there will be suitable adult supervision & no alcohol to all persons under 18 years. Party safe registration may also be required for us to also attend. Bookings are only to be made by an adult over 18 years of age. Playlists are also to be approved by the adult booking the party before being sent. Proper safety, security & RESPONSIBLE adult supervision for your teenage event is our number 1 priority.


What do I do before the event?

  • Ensure payment is paid by due date. Remember paymnet is due at least 14 days prior to your event.
  • Check that you have received, reviewed, completed & sent back your playlist to us within 10 days of the event.
  • Ensure all booking details are 100% correct.Ensure we have suitable UNDERCOVER space at the venue of approx 3m – 4m length * 2m wide with access to available wall power outlets, Please note we will only use our own power boards or extension leads.
  • Ensure that we have access to venue at least 2 hours before start time & 1 hour at end for pack down. Suitable vehicle access will be required for set up & pack down, This is critical for us for set up & pack down. BLOCKED OR UNSUITABLE VEHICLE ACCESS IS OUR NUMBER 1 ISSUE DURING SETUP & CAN DELAY US FROM STARTING ON TIME.  Provide us with a contact name at arrival of venue & ensure the contact is there.
  • Please note the combination of LED dance lights set up used at each event may vary & is at the DJs discretion. It may depend on one or all of the following, available space, ease of access, safety, your co operation, other bookings, length of booking. Regardless of the set up we will always promise an awesome DJ experience.
  • If you have any request on a particular combination of equipment please send us an email first.
  • Have a chat with your DJ to ensure he knows & understands your program & timing of events during the night including what time you are eating your meal. Email a written copy of program / itineary atleast 10 days before hand. Do not just hand it to him on the day as all the planning is done at least a week before your event. This should be done for ALL EVENTS to ensure a professional, smooth & organised occasion. Always remember that your event is not the only one we are attending, organizing & planning so we need ample time to prepare.


Do I need to do anything on the day my event? Double check that everything above has been done. What happens when the event is over? We will need approx 1 hour after the finish of event to allow suitable to pack down time for our equipment.

Am I responsible for your security? Yes you are as you have a duty of care towards all your guests. We do support having an adequate level of security for all events & parties. Please ensure we have a contact person at the event that we can call upon if assistance is required. We want everyone to have a good time including our staff. We also support party safe registration with the QLD police. Please contact the QLD Police website or your local police station for more information. We will fully comply 100% with any police direction given including ceasing the party if requested.

We have a MC for our event & want to make speeches, do you have microphones? Yes we do, we use a high quality UHF Shure wireless microphones.We also have a back up corded microphone just in case. Please ensure that your MC introduces themselves to us prior to the start of your event to run through the program with us. A copy of your program can also be emailed to us prior to the event if needed.

How Professional are your DJ’s? For every event we will dress professionally & will be polite to you & your guests. We will also not drink alcohol or smoke while working at your event. All DJ’s in charge of your event will have a Government Blue card.

Will you allow guests to ask for requests? This is up to you if you want this to happen or not. This question is asked in the booking process.

What if I have an issue on the night? If there is a problem such as music to too loud or song choice, just come talk to us & we will quickly fix it for you. We are there to make your special event enjoyable for everyone.

What if I want the event to run longer on the night than the agreed booked time? This can be done if requested by the person who made the booking & is in agreement with the venue & the DJ at the time. A rate of $120 per hour cash is payable upfront at the time of agreeing to request.


If I am not happy what should I do? We want you to be happy so please if you have an issue, please put it in writing via email for us to investigate what went wrong. We will always strive to improve our level of service that we provide.

If I am very happy what should I do? Tell your friends, put it on face book, like our face book page. Refer us so we can continue to provide a great service. Our business will only survive if we provide a high standard of professional DJ service each & every time we are invited to an event.

I want to know more information before I book Send us an email or call us. If it is a question that should be added to FAQ we will consider it to help make your choice of DJ easier to make.

Do you have Pubilc Liability Insurance? Yes we do & we are covered for up to $10 million dollars public Liability. We can also produce a copy at every event if ever asked. Please note many venues will not allow a DJ on the premisis if they do not have public liability so please check that the DJ you book has this before it is too late.

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